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Medbox, Inc. is the leading dispensary infrastructure and licensing specialist, patented technology provider, and partner to the cannabis industry. MDBX utilizes its expertise and experience to work with investors and entrepreneurs that seek to enter the cannabis sector, in order to provide them with a high quality turn-key solution and establish their business, consisting of licensing, site selection, permitting, design, and full build-out. Medbox has become a leader in providing compliance, safety, security, oversight and operational expertise to the medical and recreational cannabis industry

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Medbox, has built a reputation as a leading industry advisor, authority, and strategist. In this emerging industry, Medbox has already consulted with over 400 clients and helped many obtain licensing and build out dispensaries across North America. One of the primary components driving the early success of Medbox is the implementation and performance of its patented “Medbox”. The biometrically sealed inventory control, storage and dispensing technology ensures safe and secure access to marijuana in medical and recreational dispensaries.

In addition, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Vaporfection International, Inc., Medbox sells a line of vaporizer and accessory products online and through distribution partners. Each of Medbox’s wholly owned subsidiaries support, supply, and further the success and demand of the others. Medbox is also in development of the following ancillary services catered to the legal marijuana industry: merchant services and armored transport for cash deposits, Cannabidiol research and development, real estate acquisitions and subsequent lease programs to cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers, and cannabis dispensary and cultivation center management and security services.

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